Yon-Ka masks - Clay mask dry skin

YonKa Masque 105

Yon-Ka Masque 105

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Yon-Ka Masque 105 Purifying Clay Mask Normal to Dry skin 100 ml £35.00The 3 clays detoxifying mask.

This detoxifying mask with its three kinds of clay purifies the skin, tightens pores, brightens the complexion and leaves it with an exceptional glow. The version for dry or sensitive skin soothes the skin.

Your skin is purified and soothed, and pores tightened. Your complexion is smoother.

99% of natural ingredients Paraben free
3 clays: montmorillonite, bentonite, kaolin: purifying – clearing complexion
Bornéol : purifying – clearing complexion
Savory, essential oil of lemon, Yon-Ka Quintessence (Yon-Ka) (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme): purifying - balancing - soothing
Tolerance tested under dermatological control.

For sublime relaxation, layer Nutri-Contour as an eye mask, then apply Masque 105 to face and neck and finally soak in a tube infused with Phyto-Bain.

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