Yon-Ka soft peels -  Dry skin

gommage 305

Yon-Ka Gommage 305 (Discontinued)

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Yon-Ka Gommage 305 Clarifying Gel Peel Dry/Sensitive Skin 50ml £32.00 True 4 in 1 action, this non-abrasive, botanical scrub gently removes dead cells, provides clarity for dull complexions, hydrates and balances the epidermis. Thanks to the borneol and white nettle, GOMMAGE 305 soothes and purifies. This scrub is so gentle that you can even use it on your eyelids, for a smoothing and toning effect.
Perfect for asphixiated skins for a guaranteed freshening effect. The skin is soft and hydrated, the contours of the eyes smoothed. Your complexion is radiant, your skin is glowing...
• Carob, brown algae derivative  exfoliating - scrub
• White nettle: soothing     
• Essential oil of lime and bornéol: purifying – clearing complexion
• Plant glycerine: hydrating

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