Sixtus Foot Care  Products

sixtus for beautiful feet


Sixtus is a range from Germany that is Brand leader for Chiropodists in their country. 100% natural ingredients. For 65 years the Sixtus company has been developing effective products for pedicures and personal hygiene. The family-owned enterprise in upper Bavaria has now effectively combined alpine herbals and unadulterated essential oils.

The benefits of regular Foot care extend beyond an instant lift. Hard skin, burning feet, cracks between the toes and athlete's foot, are all problems that affect us at any time. Since our feet carry us through life day after day, we can never do enough to make their life a little easier with the right care on a regular basis.

The Sixtus range of Foot care products are based on curative Mountain Herbs and Plants from the German Alps, all the products have a refreshing Alpine fragrance which makes them enjoyable to use as well as beneficial.

The Sixtus pedicure and sporting range is extensive and is used by International athletes and team (football teams, marathon runners, Tri-athletes, Cyclists, swimmers etc...) If you have a specific sporting or pedicure need please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you out.

You can buy Sixtus products with confidence, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on the entire range. Choose your skin care products from us online, safely and securely. We'll deliver straight to your home.